The Science Media Centre of Japan will work to fulfill its mission in supporting those who report about science.

We are now living in a society that is interested in complex issues.  Part of this is due to our increasing reliance on science and technology.  However, it would be impossible to ask every person to have a knowledge and understanding of all aspects covered in today's scientific research.  In the same sense, it would be impossible to expect one scientist specializing in one research field to have the answer to everything.  To help create a future in which people can easily understand scientific issues from a wide range of experts, the Science Media Centre has been launched.

The Science Media Centre of Japan will mainly carry out five activities:

One, the centre will collect and send out expert comments on scientific topics that are of public interest within hours of the news happening.

Two, build up a network of regional media outlets and provide these journalists with the skills and information needed for science reporting.

Three, carry out training programs for both journalists and scientists, giving each side the opportunity to see the conditions people they work with daily experience.

Four, introduce scientists to professional illustrators, designers, and photographers to help them tell a story about their research.

Five, provide live web streaming services, making it possible for conferences and talks to be seen by people everywhere.

By carrying out these five activities, we aim to promote accurate, bias-free science reporting.


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