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ONLINE BRIEFING: 10.00am AEDT Tue 6 March

March 11th marks one year since the devastating Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and associated nuclear incidents. We’ve asked several experts to give an update on everything from the current situation on the ground to future nuclear power plant designs, tsunami-proofability and whether experts think that nuclear power has a future.


On 6 March the Australian Science Media Centre hosted an online briefing on this issue.  Listen in to the briefing to hear from Japanese, UK and Australian nuclear and tsunami experts and ask questions such as:

- What is the situation on the ground at the nuclear reactor?

- What have we learnt and can we stop it from happening again?

- When can the hundreds of thousands of evacuated residents in Fukushima return home?

- What are the implications for the nuclear power industry worldwide?

- How is the tsunami recovery going?

- Can we become tsunami-proof in the future?


A recording of the briefing is available here.


The collaboration between the Australian Science Media and the Science Media Centre of Japan is supported by the Commonwealth through the Australia-Japan Foundation which is part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.



- Prof James Goff
Director of the Australia-Pacific Tsunami Research Centre and Natural Hazards Research Laboratory at the University of New South Wales and will be in Japan from March 10 for the opening of the International Disaster Prevention Centre at Tohoku University.
- Dr Tetsuo Sawada
Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors Energy Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology. He’ll be joining us from Japan.
- Prof Richard Wakeford
Professor Epidemiology, Visiting Professor at the Dalton Nuclear Institute at the University of Manchester. Richard was a speaker at the International Expert Symposium in Fukushima – Radiation and Health Risks held last year and was in Japan last week for the International Symposium on the Natural Radiation Exposures and Low Dose Radiation Epidemiological Studies. He worked for British Nuclear Fuels Ltd for almost 30 years until 2006. He'll be joining us from the UK.
- Mr Tony Irwin
Chartered Engineer and Visiting Lecturer for the Masters course in Nuclear Science at the ANU. Tony is the Chairman of the Engineers Australia Nuclear Engineering Panel. Tony worked for British Energy in the UK for more than thirty years commissioning and operating eight nuclear power reactors. Following the Chernobyl accident he was a member of a World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) mission that reviewed operating practices at Russian RMBK reactors. In 1999 he moved to Australia and joined the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and was Reactor Manager during the construction and operation of the OPAL research reactor; he retired from ANSTO in late 2009.
- Q&A session


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